Connecting and protecting vital assets.

Delivering integrated, turn-key network systems to meet the digital demands of healthcare.


Achieving a truly connected healthcare system can be more than a little challenging. Hospitals and similar facilities need to be accessible, while maintaining the highest level of security. Operations must be efficient, but remain flexible. It’s a tall order for any facility or campus, let alone one that connects lifesaving technology and secures protected health information (PHI). TruConnect is more than up for this challenge. Our consultative approach and turnkey service can help you strike the right balance, whether you’re upgrading a legacy network or designing a new medical-grade wireless and LAN network, keeping your operations on the cutting edge of digital healthcare.


Hospitals are very sophisticated buildings, consisting of varying construction materials that can challenge wireless connectivity and cellular distributed antenna systems. Thick concrete walls and lead-lined radiology rooms would be a prime example. When you consider these structures along with the growing number of wireless-enabled biomedical devices, most requiring massive bandwidth, it can be difficult to meet demand and maintain security. Internet of Things (IoT) adoption only adds to the pressure placed on healthcare systems’ legacy Wi-Fi networks, many of which are unequipped to meet the demands of the dynamic and constantly evolving medical environment.

Hospital Chief Information Officers and CEOs view secure campus-wide Wi-Fi coverage for healthcare applications as essential to efficient operations to facilitate the best outcomes for every patient. Well-designed medical-grade LAN and RF wireless architecture is crucial to connecting healthcare providers with real-time information about their patients, improving accuracy of services delivered, and tracking and monitoring expensive equipment and supplies.

A robust and resilient Wi-Fi Network can deliver pervasive connectivity that provides around-the-clock coverage and capacity solution that supports:

  • High Density devices such as doctors’ laptops, handheld personal devices, Computers on Wheels (COWs) and wearable patient monitoring technology
  • Transmission of sensitive high-resolution imagery such as X-ray, CT and MRI scans to a mobile device at the point of care
  • Wireless access to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), portable bedside monitors and advanced medical technologies
  • Location technology for wayfinding, RFID asset tracking and room utilization
  • Voice communications allowing nursing staff to communicate and be reached wherever they are working
  • Patient and visitor wireless internet service

TruConnect delivers high-tech solutions for smarter hospitals

TruConnect is experienced in wireless networking and in-building wireless Public Safety Radio DAS & Cellular DAS systems. We have experience working with the latest high-tech solutions to help healthcare customers adopt technologies on the cutting edge of digital healthcare.

TruConnect Wireless Solutions for Healthcare:

  • High Density Wi-Fi & LAN Implementations
  • Enterprise grade, High Density, Capacity Driven WLAN Network Design
  • Bluetooth Location Based Services
  • Inbuilding Cellular Networks
  • RF Network & Design
  • RFID Asset Tracking
  • Public Safety Radio & Cellular DAS Systems

TruConnect offers collaborative approach, turnkey services

TruConnect offers integrated turnkey services and a consultative approach. We’ll conduct site surveys to determine coverage and capacity requirements, interview project stakeholders to document use cases for the network, develop budgets and planning documents to drive your project, and design, install, commission and maintain your hospital Wi-Fi & LAN to provide secure and comprehensive wireless coverage in every corner of the building.

Our Services include:

  • Schedule & Budget Development
  • Network Infrastructure Engineering
  • Network Build & Integration
  • Activation & Programming & Installation
  • BLE Beacon RF Design
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Owner’s Technical Representative
  • System Validation & Commissioning
  • As Built Documentation
  • Network Support & Maintenance


Hospitals, medical and assisted living facilities face tremendous challenges maintaining a secure environment while being accessible on a 24/7 basis to the communities they serve. These systems must adhere to stringent healthcare-specific regulations and safety compliance requirements to protect patients and frontline staff.

As the complexities of managing a healthcare facility continue to grow, the latest hospital security systems such as access control and alarm, networked or wireless access locks & electrified door controls, digital video surveillance (CCTV) and mass notification systems have vast potential to increase staff efficiency, lower operating costs and prevent theft and threats.

Integrated, advanced hospital communications and security systems can provide:

  • Easy access to verified individuals and help manage restricted areas.
  • Reliable communications with first responders.
  • Proactive detection and deterrence of theft of assets, equipment and medications.
  • Remote control and lockdown capabilities.
  • Secure & regulate access to government-controlled lab equipment.


Aligning Hospital Security Technology to Promote Advanced Levels of Safety

A seasoned hospital security systems integrator, TruConnect provides consulting, planning, design, implementation and programming of the latest security and monitoring systems for customers in healthcare and other industries. Our experienced field technicians, project managers and designers can assist hospital administrators through the process of evaluating, selecting and implementing security solutions that align with your specific security needs. For larger healthcare systems with multiple locations, we can deploy web-based solutions to manage all your systems with a centralized and integrated access control and security system.

We partner with a range of market-leading security solutions manufacturers for the healthcare industry to meet your needs and future-proof your system to help protect patients, employees and assets.


TruConnect – Security and Communications Services in the Healthcare Industry

Our hospital security offerings include design and deployment of customized state-of-the-art surveillance, control and monitoring solutions for greater efficiency, security and compliance, including:

  • Copper & Fiber infrastructure for Voice, Data & Video
  • Access Control & Monitoring Systems
  • RFID Asset & Patient Tracking
  • Staff Protection & Panic Buttons
  • Video Surveillance Cameras & Video Monitoring
  • Wireless Networked Access Locks & Electronic Door Control Solutions
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Visitor Management Platforms
  • Public Safety Radio Systems
  • Electric Gates, Turnstiles & RFID Readers
  • Sound Masking Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance & Service
TruConnect Solutions for Healthcare

TruConnect – A Full Spectrum of Solutions

Our consultative approach and deep field experience protect and connect our region’s most valuable assets in Healthcare, Education and General & Petrochemical Manufacturing.

  • Access Control & Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems
  • Structured Cabling Infrastructure Design & Installation
  • Integrated Security & Building Management Systems
  • Public Safety Radio, Wi-Fi / Cellular DAS Engineering & Installation
  • Fiber Optic Perimeter Security
  • Automatic Gates, Barrier Arms & Turnstiles
  • Public Address & General Alarm Systems
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Support