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Connected technology for next-gen plant complexes.

Delivering Integrated, turn-key network solutions for connected industrial and petrochemical facilities.


Industrial facilities like petrochemical complexes are some of the most challenging environments to provide digital communications and network security. With large, complex units like cracking furnaces and cryogenic equipment, not to mention the surrounding infrastructure, these plants are no friend to the wireless world of Wi-Fi, RF, and the like. Still, for the progressive plant, it is a worthy endeavor, especially considering that the next-gen chemical plants are powered by data, analytics and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connected technology. With a wealth of experience working in industrial airspace, including plant network design, engineering, and deployment, Tru-Connect is able to cut through these daunting complexities with a consultative approach and turnkey service that can transform your operations, optimize productivity, and minimize downtime.


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) transition for industrial companies in power and energy, oil and gas, and manufacturing is driving unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance. Industrial wireless networks (IWN) provide a reliable connection for automated systems, allowing users to increase operational flexibility, improve plant visibility, and enhance mobility of employees across large plant settings.

IIoT delivers real-time monitoring of equipment and production, including process monitoring, supervisory control, tank level and pipeline monitoring and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) of both indoor and geographically remote systems.

Robust and secure industrial wireless networks can help:

  • Enhance overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Support industrial automation and control over wide geographical distances
  • Meet regulatory safety compliance requirements
  • Minimize downtime and wasted deployment of key resources
  • Improve safety

Industrial wireless applications have provided years of reliable communications for monitoring and controlling processes, where using cables is either too costly or impractical. Today, the modernization of industrial networks and integration of Wi-Fi and wired networking services opens up new capabilities, resulting in systems that can monitor, exchange and deliver data from a multitude of devices and sensors connected by communications technologies.


Tru-Connect – Delivering Wireless Speed & Connectivity for Harsh Industrial Settings

Tru-Connect has the combined expertise to deliver speed and connectivity through secure wireless systems in hazardous industrial environments such as power plants, oil refineries and chemical manufacturing plants. Tru-Connect handles projects that include capital expansion, maintenance of systems and general infrastructure improvements, with services ranging from design and engineering to project management and deployment. We provide wireless site surveys and schedule and budget development guidance so manufacturers can make confident decisions in selecting and applying appropriate wireless technologies for their plants.

Tru-Connect’s collaborative approach helps industrial customers plan advanced wireless networks that perform dependably in challenging industrial settings and conditions.

Our turnkey services include:

  • Schedule & Budget Development
  • Network Infrastructure Engineering
  • Wi-Fi Network Integration
  • Programming & Installation
  • Project Management
  • System Validation & Commissioning
  • As Built Documentation
  • Network Support & Maintenance

Tru-Connect understands the capabilities and applications of wireless technologies in harsh industrial environments, where many potential physical obstructions and sources of interference exist. Tru-Connect parent company M S Benbow & Associates assigns engineers and designers with real-world experience to every project, supporting the trade disciplines that perform the field installation and commissioning. Our wireless network solutions allow users to realize the benefits of secure, reliable wireless coverage to ensure the integrity and safety of their operations.

Tru-Connect’s solutions in the industrial sector include:

  • Public Safety Cellular & Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • High Density Wi-Fi Networks
  • RFID Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Temperature Scanning Solutions
  • Core and Edge Network Solutions
  • Cellular / 5G Networks
  • Private LTE Networks


In the most hazardous, high stakes environments, Tru-Connect ensures regulatory safety compliance and reliable production monitoring. Industrial sites like petrochemical and chemical manufacturing plants, factories and warehouses require intelligent solutions to secure critical and vulnerable areas, protect equipment and expensive raw materials, monitor employees, and detect and deter intruders.

Whether retrofitting or expanding an existing system or a new system integration, Tru-Connect helps industrial clients achieve security and compliance with Homeland Security, OSHA, NFPA and EPA mandates.

A properly installed security system can have many benefits for your industrial site, including:

  • Heightened critical infrastructure security
  • Staying ahead of safety regulations and mandates
  • Preventing losses from theft
  • Deterring trespassers from entering restricted areas
  • Monitoring employees for compliance with safety protocols
  • Providing proactive, intelligent production monitoring


Efficiency, Compliance and Connectivity to Provide Safe, Reliable, Tech-forward Security Solutions

Tru-Connect has extensive experience providing complete security solutions to industrial customers in Oil & Gas, tank terminal facilities and chemical manufacturing, which include TWIC compliant, Maritime security (MARSEC) and Coast Guard-regulated facilities across the Gulf South & Southern United States. Tru-Connect offers planning, design consulting, build and maintenance of security systems technology to make video surveillance, control access control, mass notification systems, perimeter security and intrusion detection and alarm systems work to protect people and assets.


Tru-Connect – Security and Communications Services in the Industrial Sector

Our building security management systems integrators achieve connectivity to deliver efficiency and compliance and provide our clients safe, reliable, tech-forward experiences, including:

  • Copper & Fiber-Optic Cabling and Wireless Infrastructure
  • Electronic Access Control & Intrusion
  • Detection and Alarm
  • Digital Video Surveillance & Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Industrial Process Monitoring Camera Systems
  • Public Address/General Alarm Systems (PAGA)
  • Perimeter Protection Systems
  • RFID asset & employee tracking
  • Electric Gates, Turnstiles & RFID Readers
TruConnect Technology Integrators for Petrochemical

Tru-Connect – A Full Spectrum of Solutions

Our consultative approach and deep field experience protect and connect our region’s most valuable assets in Healthcare, Education and General & Petrochemical Manufacturing.

  • Access Control & Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems
  • Structured Cabling Infrastructure Design & Installation
  • Integrated Security & Building Management Systems
  • Public Safety Radio, Wi-Fi / Cellular DAS Engineering & Installation
  • Fiber Optic Perimeter Security
  • Automatic Gates, Barrier Arms & Turnstiles
  • Public Address & General Alarm Systems
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Support