TruConnect provides a full spectrum of advanced telecommunications and integrated building
management solutions for infrastructure security,
process integrity, employee safety,
and IoT connectivity in a variety of settings.


TruConnect’s highly experienced building security and communications system integrators offer an array of consulting services including site surveys, functional security standards review, long-term goal setting, specification writing, networking and deployment of integrated security solutions, and software development.

Access Control & Alarm Monitoring

Structured Cabling Infrastructure Design & Installation

Integrated Security & Building Management Systems

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Support

Public Safety Radio, WiFi & Cellular DAS Engineering & Installation

Fiber Optic Perimeter Security

Automatic Gates / Barrier Arms / Turnstiles

Public Address/General Alarm Systems (PAGA)

Access Control & Alarm Monitoring

Modern, automated access control and monitoring systems can add an extra layer of protection to your facility’s operations. These integrated building security systems can connect video surveillance cameras, card readers, biometric keypads, wireless networked access locks and electrified door controls, alarms, intercoms, as well as interface with public safety radio communications, Life Safety and mass notification systems. Among other features, these systems allow operations supervisors and security staff to monitor and manage every area without blind spots and can be accessed remotely and securely from multiple communication platforms & wireless mobile devices. 

CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems

Advanced, automated video surveillance systems feature sophisticated analytics and provide real-time analysis of potential threats and incidents. We can install high-definition camera systems to upgrade or replace your current systems. In some cases, this can be done by using existing cable infrastructure or by providing new copper, fiber optic, and wireless connectivity for remote viewing via smartphone, tablet or another internet-enabled device.

Structured Cabling Infrastructure Design & Installation

A well-designed, structured cabling system is essential to maintaining reliable voice and data communications and optimizing network performance. A properly installed network infrastructure can easily adapt to the ever-changing landscape of hardware and software demands, maximizing your investment. TruConnect’s design team are BICSI-certified Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) and are highly experienced in designing and managing the latest technologies. TruConnect employs experienced technicians that are continually trained in the latest installation techniques.  


Integrated Security & Building Management Systems

Integrated Building Management Systems offer a high degree of flexibility and facilitate greater productivity and a higher return on investment along with enhanced security. Access control is routinely integrated with sub-systems, including analytics-enabled surveillance cameras, intrusion detection, wireless/IP locks, public safety radio and cellular, and more to create comprehensive integrated open-architecture security and building control systems. Sophisticated computer algorithms allow cameras to detect suspicious behaviors and threats while the system alerts security personnel to analyze the threat and, if necessary, remotely initiate facility lock downs, trigger lighting, as well as intitiate emergency response protocol and general alarm notifications.

24/7 Remote Monitoring & Support

TruConnect offers a variety of ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure technology systems are in proper, safe, and efficient operating condition. Services include 24/7 remote monitoring of your security systems, scheduled and preventative maintenance, trouble-shooting and optimizing systems, and 24/7 emergency response services.


Public Safety Radio, WiFi, And Cellular DAS Engineering & Installation

With a focus on customer service and a “forward-thinking,” integrated approach to the management of telecom and technology infrastructure, TruConnect can help design a network migration strategy to support high-speed data needs of new and emerging building security and communications technologies. TruConnect is a division of M S Benbow & Associates, an engineering consultancy with deep experience in wireless and wireline telecommunications infrastructure and network integration projects supporting public safety communications, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacon technology, and integrated Wi-Fi networks, cellular and 5G, Private LTE, fiber optic and digital surveillance systems. 


Fiber Optic Perimeter Security

Fiber optic perimeter fence intrusion detection systems can help deter and detect intruders and threats and provide fast, accurate, and real-time notification of perimeter security breaches. With advanced remote video surveillance monitoring, effective and well-planned sensors, and external lighting and alarm controls, these networked systems allow security and operations personnel to more swiftly react to threats to protect critical infrastructure and restricted areas.

Automatic Gates, Barrier Arms & Turnstiles

As an integrated part of your access system, Gates & Turnstiles can provide an additional layer of protection from unwanted access to your organizations property and parking facilities. Integrated RFID systems can be added to provide time and attendance features as well as an extra layer of theft protection for valuable company assets.      

Public Address & General Alarm Systems (PAGA)

Digital Public Address and General Alarm Systems support the broadcast of routine and emergency announcements and alarms for safeguarding public spaces, workplaces, and industries with hazardous areas where high-integrity life safety applications are necessary. These flexible systems provide facility-wide coverage and networked options with telephones, evacuation systems, high efficiency audio amplifiers and speakers, intercoms, and critical telecommunications equipment.


Tested and Proven

Nationally recognized for our consultative approach to integrated technology systems solutions, we understand every facility and environment has unique security and communications challenges and requirements. With our collaborative process, we achieve the highest levels of protection & efficiency. Together, we can help you operate your facility safer and smarter.