Remote Digital CCTV Safety & Security System For Chemical Refinery

TruConnect was tapped by a chemical refinery to convert its analog video surveillance system to a digital CCTV system to remotely monitor critical plant operations and limit system operators’ exposure to hazardous areas. TruConnect designed the system with security and safety at the forefront, with a special focus on areas most likely to experience a failure. The system would link five different units to a central control room away from dangerous equipment and chemical hazards.

The TruConnect team designed and installed a turnkey system that converted the plant’s analog video system to a high-resolution digital system with monitors for each of the 36 cameras linked via fiber to the control room console. Camera placements were selected to provide maximum coverage, and additional cameras were mounted in areas that had experienced past incidents of fire or explosion. TruConnect designed the system to accommodate extreme lighting conditions and support future expansion.